Our Process
Golf ball grades are foundational to finding the right golf balls for your needs. Most of our golf balls have been recovered from the ground, NOT water, from people that daily walk their home courses across the United States. We use a proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning method designed to wash each ball without causing damage to its original manufactured condition while providing the buyer with a presentable ball that he/she can be proud of playing.
Once cleaned, the used golf balls are separated according to make, model, and condition. The condition of each golf ball determines its grade.

Grading Scale
Golf Ball Peddler sells “recycled” golf balls and does not represent them as being “refurbished” or “refinished”. Being a recycled product, warranties offered through manufacturers are no longer in effect.

Mint - Our Mint quality will include some of what our competitors dub as “pristine” for considerably more money. Our Mint will provide more value for less!!!. These balls will appear and play very close to new, showing no or very little wear – perhaps as if after being used for just a few holes. Balls may include some corporate logos and/or have small personal identifying ink mark(s) on them.

Near Mint - Likely our best value of our three grades. Near Mint grade will have minor cosmetic flaw(s) in appearance, but will not affect the performance of the ball.. A flaw may be a small abrasion, may be slightly discolored in part or whole and again, may have a logo and/or have ink mark(s) on them. Our hope is that you will be able to purchase more products for less giving you the ability to play more rounds!!

Good - Still plenty of play left in these golf balls! These balls are cosmetically challenged by loss of shine, may have discoloration, scuffs and smudged lettering. They are free of cut or dent. Balls may have a logo and/or personal ink marks on them.